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Army Reserves

The Army Reserves are an integral part of the United States Army. The Army Reserves work together with the Active Army and the National Guard both on American soil and on foreign soils. These reserves bring in flexibility in the United States army.

Enlistment in Army Reserves calls for the following in the individual:-

1. Must be between the ages of 17-34
2. Must be a US citizen or registered alien
3. Healthy and in good physical condition
4. Have good moral values.

These reserves can acquire excellent training and job skills in a field of his/her personal choice. They can at the same time pursue a civilian career or continue their education with the supplementary income from the army. They can maintain a good lifestyle for their own and make a retirement commitment.

The Army Reserves asks for an eight-year military commitment. The reserves need to serve only one weekend per month and two weeks in a year. If need be, he/she may have to serve full time. These troops help in missions pertaining to peace, security and defending the United States, the Commonwealth and their possessions. They also provide food, shelter, water, medical treatment and other forms of civil support to the civilians in times of emergencies and disasters. There are around 200,000 such soldiers serving across the country.

Army Reserves offer training opportunities ranging from airborne training, Military Intelligence, Military Police, Medical and many more. No prior training is required to join these reserves. One can either enlist or become an officer through direct commission or through ROTC or through Officer’s Candidate School (OCS). Students can attend college while serving the army or attend specially designed courses at accredited colleges or universities to suit the serving soldiers. They can also join the Reserve Officer’s Training Corps at their local college or university and on completion become an army officer. An individual with a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) along with a score of above 50 on the ASVAB is entitled for enlistment.

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